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Twilight Blue Trek 2024

25km – Mt. Nebo To Enoggera Reservoir, The Gap, Brisbane
1130-1830 Sunday 13th October 2024

Welcome to the Twilight Blue Trek, proudly supporting Trek2Health and Queensland Mental Health Week. Morning Blue is an 25km trek exclusively for QPS members and family, starting from Mt Nebo and ending at the Trek House, The Gap.

For full details about this event, read the Trek Handbook 

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On Sunday 13th October I am hiking 25km through the forest from Mt Nebo to The Gap, in Twilight Blue Trek.

All funds raised for this event support Trek2Health, an organisation founded to support the physical and mental health of our local frontline workers and veterans. 

Please make a donation to my fundraising page in support of my commitment to complete this trek and help us to create a stronger and more resilient community.  

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Thank you for supporting Trek2Health with your footsteps.

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We trek to support our Australian frontline workers and veterans in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to our community.​

Trek2Health’s mission is to provide support for the health and well-being of the Emergency Services and Veteran communities. We provide a supportive and stigma-free environment to boost the mental and physical resilience of our clients via Green Exercise Training – team-orientated wilderness treks, in order to create healthier individuals and more productive and compassionate communities.

First Responders are exposed to unimaginable experiences in their professional services. ​

We believe we should and can DO MORE to support the health and well being of these extraordinary individuals who risk their own safety to be there for us when we need help the most.​

For every $1,000.00 raised by community trek fundraisers,  Trek2Health will be able to assist one extraordinary Australian frontline worker or veteran achieve greater physical and mental resilience. ​

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This event is being conducted in remote areas, through terrain that is rough, steep and sometimes with no or limited vehicle access. Therefore, only children aged 16+ can participate and participants aged 16-18 year-old must be accompanied by an adult. The adult must complete the registration, please write the name of the minor in the field labelled “Name of trekker (age 16-18)”.

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help us to create a stronger and more resilient community

This trek is an opportunity to supercharge your mental and physical resilience while invoking the Australian spirit of service, endurance, mateship, courage and sacrifice. Please note: Twilight Blue Trek is a QPS community event for QPS members and direct family members only.

The meeting place for this event will be at the Trek House at 1434 Waterworks Road, The Gap. Registrations opens at 1130 and the private bus charter will leave at 1200 for Mt. Nebo.

The route for Twilight Blue Trek consists of a 25.0km walk via a stunning rainforest track and onto remote fire trails towards Scrub Creek Bush camp for our first of many 5.0km rest and water stops. We will then continue in a easterly direction along very steep descending and ascending fire trails down the southern side of Mt. Nebo Road, we are almost home along southerly tracks that will take us to the Trek House by Trek House at Enoggera Reservoir for an 1830-1845 arrival, followed by a BBQ dinner and cold drink with presentations from Mental Health experts and acknowledgement of the top fundraisers. The trek will have event crew support staff – who have operated in the area and ranges for over 15 years, should you need water or support.

This is a fundraising event in support of Trek2Health. Registration is $60 and numbers are limited. Online registration in advance is essential. Each participant will receive an online fundraising page to collect donations in support of Trek2Health.

For detailed information about the Trek click here to read the trek Handbook.

1130–1900 Sun 13 October, 2024
Mt Nebo – The Gap, Brisbane

Your Commitment

I understand that I will be fully prepared physically and have the appropriate personal gear and rations to complete the Twilight Blue Trek.

I understand that my ticket price is $60 to support operating costs and I will receive an online fundraising page to collect donations in support of Trek2Health.

Funds raised provide ongoing support to First Responders and Emergency Services personal such as police officers, firefighters, EMTs and veterans in our communities. Learn more about our services.

Fundraiser Rewards

Individual fundraisers earn rewards when they reach the following targets.

Fundraise $400 for an official Trek2Health Wilderness Jacket

Special Recognition: Top fundraisers captain will receive a framed wildness photo by photographer Colin Bushell.

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Build Resilience

Resilience via Earth

Completing an exhilarating physical challenge will increase your physical & mental resilience leaving you better able to handle whatever life throws at you.

Restore your peace of mind

Healing via Nature

Unload the stress of everyday life and restore your positive attitude and peace of mind via the beauty of nature.

Connect with Community

We are a team!

Connect with community in the spirit of resilience, determination, compassion, innovation, fairness and mateship that is the core of the Trek2Health philosophy.

Change lives

Create a better future

Your participation will make a positive and measurable difference in the lives of extraordinary and deserving Qld Police and frontline personnel and veterans.