Trek2Health is a Brisbane based non-profit with a mission to support the mental health our frontline workers and veterans. 

Our innovative approach is based on the proven benefits of ‘green exercise’ to reduce stress and improve mental health. We’d like to share with you a quick overview of the science behind green exercise and how taking a more proactive, compassionate and wholistic approach to mental health services can help make our community happier, healthier and more productive. 

Trek2Health Ltd is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for- profits Commission and is fully endorsed by the ATO as a DGR organisation. Our Location: Trek House, adjacent to Enoggera Reservoir (Brisbane’s best lake views), The Gap, Brisbane

our frontline workers and veterans deserve quality mental health support

On your worksite or at home when you have an accident or emergency, whom do you call? Of course you call the police, the fire service or the ambulance crews and they look after you and they provide an excellent, professional service.

What many of us forget is that these first responders are regularly faced with stressful situations and sometimes horrendous situations. Also, many of our armed forces personnel have faced incredibly traumatic experiences during their professional service.

At Trek2Health we’re stepping up to support first responders and veterans, the people have given so much for us, 
putting their own health and safety on the line to protect others, that we think it’s time to give back, especially in this time of COVID, which has exposed our frontline workers to even more risk and stress than usual.


Our innovative approach to mental health services is based on the concept of ‘green exercise’. We take our clients outside four walls to remote natural areas for team-orientated nature treks supported by experienced guides and physical trainers. Our medical staff provide regular evaluations to assist our clients’ progress and help us optimise our services.

the science behind GREEN EXERCISE

From an evolutionary perspective, we are hard wired to operate in nature, not live a sedentary lifestyle under artificial lights, working long work hours in front of a glaring screen. Exercising in nature acts as a counter measure to the irritation and chronic stress provoked by the modern, urban lifestyle. 

We all know that exercising outdoors is good for us, but its benefits for mental health are more far reaching than you may realise. Research1 has shown how green exercise significantly “increased self-esteem and improved mood such as a reduction in anger.” The presence of water in the environment was especially beneficial. The youngest participants enjoyed greater improvements in self-esteem than other age groups and those suffering from mental illness showed the biggest improvement in self-esteem in all age groups.

The researchers suggest that their findings could guide:


The wake of the pandemic has caused an awful lot of isolation and stress for people in Australia and abroad and this has affected everyone in our community. We know that productivity drops when people are suffering from depression, PTSD or anxiety, it’s well documented and it costs Australian companies billions every year in lost revenue.

There’s never been a better time to invest in effective mental health services in order to proactively reduce the negative effects of all of this stress. We need a healthy culture to be competitive, productive and prosperous. We need healthy doctors, nurses, policemen, firefighters, soldiers, healthy workers and healthy families.

When you partner with us, our veteran and frontline worker communities will greatly appreciate the opportunity to receive wholistic services to help process the stress and hardships of their daily work. 

We’re very grateful for all donations to our cause and we also offer our corporate sponsors the option to actively participate in positive change by offering your staff the chance to experience their own resilience-boosting, green exercise wilderness experience.


When you partner with us, you’re supporting a worthy cause, you’re giving back to the community and at the same time, you’re giving back to your own staff.  You’re supporting innovation and actively leading by example when you send a team to walk eight kilometres for a worthy cause, this is a fantastic company tradition that can only have positive effects for your team’s health and morale. 

At the moment, we’re all under a lot of stress, a lot of news is negative everyone is talking about the problems and toxicity within our culture. What we’re doing is providing real solutions right now, and we want to create a positive change, which is why we’re asking you to participate in something innovative to help create a healthier social culture and a more productive working culture. If we can achieve this, we can make Australia a healthier, happier and more resilient community.


If you are interested in investing in a healthier, happier and more productive future, we can arrange a discussion. We greatly appreciate all offers of help for our cause and welcome your feedback regarding our innovative approach to mental health services.