Unveiling Aussie Eco Surfboards

The Soul of Trek Shed

Welcome to Trek Shed, the home of Aussie Eco Surfboards—where craftsmanship meets community, and sustainability rides the wave of innovation.

A Mission Rooted in Community: Bridging Generations for Well-Being

Trek Shed stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and resilience of retired police officers, mandated to retire at age 60, yet still eager to serve. We channel this wealth of experience and wisdom into a noble cause: enhancing the mental and physical well-being of current serving police officers. Through the crafting of Aussie Eco Surfboards, we create a unique space where retired officers can impart valuable life skills and coping mechanisms to their active-duty counterparts. This is not just a project; it’s a legacy of care, mentorship, and community well-being that we are immensely proud to foster.

The Aussie Eco Surfboards Experience

Aussie Eco Surfboards are not just surfboards; they’re a symbol of resilience, craftsmanship, and Australian identity. Each board is handcrafted by our skilled team of retired police officers, trained by surfboard master craftsmen in the art of surfboard making. The result? A unique, custom-designed board that embodies the spirit of Australia—rugged, beautiful, and free.

Unlimited Custom Designs

What makes Aussie Eco Surf boards truly special is the limitless possibilities for customisation. Our world-class graphic designers are on hand to bring your vision to life, whether you’re looking for a board to ride the waves, a unique piece for corporate promotions, product launches, or even as wall artwork. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your Aussie Eco Surfboard.

Sustainability at Heart

But what sets Aussie Eco Surfboards apart is our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. Each board is made from responsibly sourced Paulownia wood, reducing our carbon footprint and giving you a ride that you can feel good about. The wooden construction not only makes these boards eco-friendly but also enhances their performance and aesthetic appeal.

The Science of Surfing

Our boards are more than just wooden planks; they’re the product of meticulous research and development. We’ve partnered with surfboard master craftsmen to incorporate advanced design strategies into our board designs. This ensures that each Aussie Eco Surfboard not only rides well but also contributes to your physical and mental well-being.

Join the Movement

By purchasing an Aussie Eco Surfboard, you’re not just buying a surfboard—you’re becoming a part of a community. A community that values skill-sharing, mental health, and environmental stewardship. A community that supports the incredible work of Trek2Health, enriching the lives of retired police officers and frontline workers.

Board Selections

5’11” The Moola: A versatile board that’s great for intermediate surfers. It offers the paddling power of a longboard with the manoeuvrability of a shorter board. W20” H3”

5’9″ Fish Tail: Ideal for small to medium waves, the Fish is known for its flat rocker and wide tail, making it great for quick turns and high speed. W20” H3”

6’8″ The Point: A short surfboard that’s a mid-length set up. Its length and volume make it easy to paddle and ideal for catching smaller waves. W20” H3”

7’1″ Mini Mal: A smaller version of the Malibu, this board offers stability and ease of paddling. It’s great for beginners and those looking to cruise on smaller waves. W20” H3”

7’2″ The Apollo: Designed for big waves, the Gun has a pointed nose and tail to help surfers maintain control at high speeds. W20” H3”

8’0″ The Apollo : Similar to the 7’2″ Gun but longer, offering even more control and speed for tackling big waves. W21” H3”

8’0″ Mini Mal: A longer Mini Mal that offers extra stability and paddling power, making it great for beginners and those looking to catch a lot of waves. W21” H3”

8’6″ The East Coast: A longboard designed for nose riding and smooth turns. Its length makes it stable and easy to paddle. W21” H3”

9’2″ Mal: Also known as a Malibu, this is a traditional longboard ideal for nose riding and smooth, stylish surfing. W22” H3”

9’8 ″ The Reservoir: Eco-friendly wooden paddle board, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern performance. W30” H5”

The Future is Eco

As we look to the future, we’re excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. With your support, we can continue to grow, innovate, and make a meaningful impact on individual lives and the broader community.


So come, ride the wave with us. Experience the Aussie Eco difference and become a part of the Trek Shed family. Because here at Trek Shed, we’re not just making boards; we’re building a better future, one ride at a time.

Custom Bespoke Mal Surfboard Designs from $2990.00–$3990.00. To pre-order or for more details, please email