6 Week Plumbing Industry Program

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6 week wellness program by

Complimentary Professional Service for Plumbing Industry Workers

This program is proudly sponsored by Reece Group in support of stigma-free mental wellness services for our local Plumbing Industry professionals.

Eligibility Criteria

This service is for Plumbing Industry workers only and you must be referred by your supervisor or a G.P / Manager within your company or an external health support professional/health & wellbeing professional. (If you are not a Plumbing Industry worker please click here for other Trek2Health services.)

Please note: to complete Module 1 and be able to progress to subsequent modules we request a minimum of 7 out of 11 training sessions, completion of the final challenge and participation in a post-challenge evaluation.

Events are COVID-19 safe and Trek2Health’s experienced trek guides and medics will support participants during training. This is an initial enquiry and eligible participants will be invited to arrange a personal interview to determine how best we can support you.

Plumbing Industry workers: please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 2 business days. 

For any enquiries please email aep1@trek2health.org.au


Green Exercise Training – Program Dates

New clients see Module 1 dates – BLUE.
Module 2 – GREEN
Module 3 – GOLD
Module 4 – RED
Click on the tile to view more details. The calendar is a general guide only and may not be updated with last minute changes. Program participants will be contacted with notification of any changes. 

february 2024

07febAll Day16marM1-Q1-24MODULE 1 – QUARTER 1 – 2024

07febAll Day16marM2-Q1-24MODULE 2 – QUARTER 4 – 2023

07febAll Day22marM3-Q1-24MODULE 3 – QUARTER 1 – 2024

07febAll Day29marM4-Q1-24MODULE 4 – QUARTER 1 – 2024

6 Week Plumbing Industry Program Application