Trek2Health is a Brisbane based non-profit with a mission to support the health of our frontline workers and veterans. All community donations received goes directly to support our frontline workers and veterans, for example, for every $1,000.00 donated one person can complete our 6-week module 1 program.

Our innovative approach is based on the proven benefits of ‘green exercise’ to reduce stress and improve mental health. We’d like to share with you a quick overview of the science behind green exercise and how taking a more proactive, compassionate and holistic approach to mental health services can help make our community happier, healthier and more productive.

Trek2Health Ltd is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for- profits Commission and is fully endorsed by the ATO as a DGR organisation. Our Location: Trek House, adjacent to Enoggera Reservoir (Brisbane’s best lake views), The Gap, Brisbane

Complimentary Professional Services for Frontline Personnel and Veterans

At Trek2Health we support frontline personnel and veterans, the people have given so much for us, putting their own health and safety on the line to protect others, that we think it’s time to give back. We will never allow the responsibility of these individual’s mental health to be their own – WE ARE A TEAM.

Our innovative approach to mental health services is based on the concept of ‘green exercise’. We take our clients outside four walls to remote natural areas for team-orientated nature treks supported by experienced guides and physical trainers. Our medical staff provide regular evaluations to assist our clients’ progress and help us optimise our services.

the science behind GREEN EXERCISE

From an evolutionary perspective, we are hard wired to operate in nature, not live a sedentary lifestyle under artificial lights, working long work hours in front of a glaring screen. Exercising in nature acts as a counter measure to the irritation and chronic stress provoked by the modern, urban lifestyle. 

We all know that exercising outdoors is good for us, but its benefits for mental health are more far reaching than you may realise. 
Research1 has shown how green exercise significantly “increased self-esteem and improved mood such as a reduction in anger.” The presence of water in the environment was especially beneficial. The youngest participants enjoyed greater improvements in self-esteem than other age groups and those suffering from mental illness showed the biggest improvement in self-esteem in all age groups.


The researchers suggest that their findings could guide:

Building Resilience via Green Exercise

Through our innovative green exercise resilience training delivered by experienced medics and personal trainers, Trek2Health provides professional integrated support to assist Frontline workers, First Responders and Emergency Services personal who may have experienced a traumatic event, be suffering from PTSD, be struggling to re-enter the community or require professional services for any reason. Our philosophy is based on connection with nature and community. Our clients have many layered journeys incorporating family and friends, creativity, spirituality and nature.

Build Your Physical and Mental Resilience

Eligibility Criteria​

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Our services are available to current or ex-serving Emergency Services personnel and Veterans – QAS QFES QPS SES ED ADF

Your contact details and your referrer’s contact details (name, email and phone). Your referrer this can be your work supervisor, G.P or Human Resources person within your services or an external health support professionals/health & wellbeing professional.

You can also select your preferred module date when you apply, you will be able to confirm your availability for these times or change your selection after your application is processed. Please note: we request a minimum 75% attendance to all training sessions.

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