Our Services
Trek2Health supports Veterans and Emergency Services personnel via multi-level module based resilience treks in remote areas to build RESILIENCE VIA EARTH.
Our Commitment
Our services are provided free of charge to first responders and veterans in recognition of the amazing contribution they make to our community.
We are a Team
Our philosophy is based on connection with nature and community. Our clients have many layered journeys incorporating family and friends, creativity, spirituality and nature.
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Building Resilience via Earth

Trek2Health’s mission is to provide support for the health and well-being of the Emergency Services and Veteran communities in recognition of the extraordinary contribution they make to our community. We provide a supportive and stigma-free environment to boost the mental and physical resilience of our clients via Green Exercise Training – team-orientated nature treks in remote areas, in order to create healthier individuals and stronger communities.

First Responders are exposed to unimaginable experiences in their professional services. We believe we should and can do more to support the health and well being of these extraordinary individuals who risk their own safety to be there for us when we need help the most. We need your support to help us provide this essential service.

Our Services

Complimentary Professional Services for Frontline Personnel

At Trek2Health we support frontline personnel and veterans, the people have given so much for us, putting their own health and safety on the line to protect others, that we think it’s time to give back. We will never allow the responsibility of these individual’s mental health to be their own – WE ARE A TEAM. 

Our innovative approach to mental health services is based on the concept of ‘green exercise’. We take our clients outside four walls to remote natural areas for team-orientated nature treks supported by experienced guides and physical trainers.

We welcome new clients

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If you or someone you know would benefit from Trek2Health professional services, please click here for more info or apply now via the Client Application Form on the right.