6 Week Frontline Program

A Complimentary Professional Service for Frontline Personnel and Veterans

Members of the private and corporate sector in the spirit of community, compassion, innovation and mateship.
6 week wellness program by

New Client Application

Available Dates:

Quarter 1 07/02/24 – 16/03/24 –CLOSED
Quarter 2 17/04/24 – 25/05/24 – CLOSED
Quarter 3 10/07/24 – 17/08/24 – APPLY NOW
Quarter 4 02/10/24 – 09/11/24 


This program is available to Frontline Personnel, Australian Defence Force members and Veterans, who are referred by a supervisor, human resource, or an external allied health professional.

Completion of Module 1 and progression to subsequent modules require a minimum of 7 out of 11 training sessions, completion of the final challenge, and participation in a post-challenge evaluation. Experienced guides and medics will provide support during training sessions and challenges.

Note: The application form is for new clients (eligible for Module 1). Existing clients applying for modules 2-4 should contact our Client Intake Administrator via email: aep1@trek2health.org.au

New Clients: Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you within 2 business days. This serves as an initial inquiry, and eligible participants will be invited to arrange a personal interview to assess the best way we can support you.

For enquiries, please email our Client Intake Administrator at aep1@trek2health.org.au

Green Exercise Training Dates

MODULE 1 – Please complete Application form above

MODULE 2 – 6 weeks training – challenge 2days/1 night – 45KMS – invited by Trek2Health after completing Module 1

MODULE 3 – 7 weeks training – challenge 3days/2nights -63KMS – invited by Trek2Health after completing Module 2

MODULE 4 – 8 weeks training – challenge 6days/5nights – 78KMS – invited by Trek2Health after completing Module 3

MODULE 5 – ALUMNI CLUB – For people who have completed all four modules and are invited by CEO to join, criteria is based on financial support via our community fund-raising events, whilst doing our complimentary module programs. This group are invited to continue training on Wednesdays only, and create their own bi-monthly trek challenges.