Entry and Participation Agreements (Australia) Rules: I agree to become familiar with and abide by all written and/or posted rules of Trek2Health Ltd , as well as all written and/or posted rules of the Venue. I further agree to comply with all directions, instructions and decisions of Trek2Health Ltd and Venue personnel.I further agree not to challenge these rules, directions, instructions, or decisions on any basis at any time. Emergency Delay or Cancellation: I acknowledge that Trek2Health Ltd at its sole discretion may delay, modify, or cancel the TREK2HEALTH LTD event if conditions or natural or man-made emergencies make administering the event unreasonably difficult or unsafe. I agree that “emergency” is defined to mean any event beyond the control of Trek2Health Ltd , including but not limited to: high wind, extreme rain or hail, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, acts of terrorism, fire, threatened or actual strike, labour difficulty or work stoppage, insurrection, war, public disaster, and unavoidable casualty. In the event of a delay, modification, or cancellation of the TREK2HEALTH LTD event as described in this paragraph, I understand that I will not be entitled to a refund of my entry fee or any other costs incurred in connection with the TM event. Govern Participation: I understand that Trek2Health Ltd has the authority to issue instructions or directions relating to the manner of my safe participation in the Course or Related Activities and the authority to halt my participation in the Course or Related Activities at any time they deem it necessary to protect the safety of participants, spectators, and personnel and/or promote fairness and the spirit of Australia.


Removal from Course: I understand that Trek2Health Ltd and Venue personnel may immediately cause anyone who disobeys any rules, directions, instructions, decisions, or laws, or whose behaviour endangers safety or negatively affects a person, facility, or property of any type or kind, determined in the sole discretion of Trek2Health Ltd Personnel or Venue personnel to be removed from the Course.

Fee Refunds: I understand that all fees and associated costs (including optional product purchases, spectator tickets, and donations), paid in registration for this TREK2HEALTH LTD event are not refundable for any reason under any circumstances, including but not limited to injury, a scheduling conflict, and/or event cancellation.

Military & Frontline Workers: I understand that active duty or deployed military or frontline worker participants may be entitled to a refund on a case-by-case basis upon providing sufficient, official documentation regarding the deployment or emergency that conflicts with participating in the event.

Attitude and Behaviour: I also agree to exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times; demonstrate respect for all people, equipment, and facilities; and participate with a cooperative and positive attitude.

Alcohol & Drugs: I certify that I am not, and on the date of the TREK2HEALTH LTD event will not be, under the influence of alcohol or any drugs that would in any way impair my ability to safely participate in the TREK2HEALTH LTD event. I further, understand that alcohol consumption following the event is discouraged by Trek2Health Ltd and take full responsibility for any decision to consume alcohol at that time.

Specific Rules: I specifically acknowledge and agree to abide by the following rules: 1) no urination or defecation is permitted outside of designated areas; 2) no wheeled conveyances or pets are allowed in the Course at any time; 3) no clothing, props or equipment that pose an unnecessary risk to participants, spectators or personnel are permitted; and 4) obey civil and criminal laws including traffic laws.

Photography: I understand that any and all photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses of me captured during the TREK2HEALTH LTD event by Trek2Health Ltd and, its affiliated entities or contractors, and/or the media become the sole property of Trek2Health Ltd . I grant the right, permission and authority to Trek2Health Ltd and its designees to use my name and any such photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses for any legitimate purpose, including but not limited to promoting, advertising, and marketing activities. I further understand that Trek2Health Ltd and its designees have the full right to sell and/or profit from the commercial use of such photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses.

Majority Age: I affirm that I have reached majority age. Majority age is 18.  If under 18 years the registration must be completed by a Parent/Guardian who is over the age of 18 years old.