Please help us invite the community to Trek2Resilience with Mental Awareness Foundation

Trek2Resilience is a fun, healthy, resilience building, community fundraising walk in support of Trek2health and sponsored by Mental Awareness Foundation, on Sunday 6th June, 2021. Please help us invite the community by sharing this facebook post. Or copy and paste the text below to send to your community via, email, website or social media. You can adjust this text as you wish or add a personal message. We appreciate every single share and shoutout, thank you!
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Build your physical and mental resiliance in Trek2Resilience
Conquer the Enoggera Reservoir Circuit in Trek2Resilience


You are invited to a community trek - Trek2Resilience with Mental Awareness Foundation on Sunday 6th June, 2021 from 8:00AM - 11:00AM.

Join Trek2Resilience for an unforgettable morning of fun, fitness while raising awareness around mental health issues affecting our community. Stress from COVID-19 is affecting us all and it’s important to take time out to clear your mind. This community trek is a great way to boost your own physical fitness and mental resilience while supporting a great cause!

Please visit this page to find out more and register.

#Trek2Resilience #MentalHealth #MentalAwenessFoundation #BrisbaneSpirit #Trek2Health #Brisbane #bushwalk #fitness

If you are walking (please join us!) use this version...

On 6th June 2021 I'm walking 8.5km in Trek2Resilience in support of the mental health of our local frontline workers and veterans.

I believe that it is important to support those who have sacrificed their own physical and mental well-being for a safer community. Please show your support by joining me for this community trek. Together we can create a fairer and stronger community for us all.

#Trek2Resilience #MentalAwenessFoundation #BrisbaneSpirit #Trek2Health #Brisbane #bushwalk 

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Thank you for supporting our cause

Please contact us if you need anything, we’d love to hear from you.

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