Team Challenge 100KM / 50KM / 17KM

Sunday 8th September, 2024, Enoggera Reservoir Circuit, The Gap, Brisbane

Form a team of 2–12 people with your work mates, community group, family or friends. This community event is great way to explore beautiful Brisbane Forest Park, with Trek2Health’s experienced crew onsite to support your forest adventure.

Resilience boosting challenge in support of Mental Health Awareness – funds raised support Trek2Health’s life-changing mental wellness services for our local frontline workers and veterans.

For detailed info about the trek, please read the Trek Handbook.


Trek2Health’s experienced medics and support vehicles will be onsite for the duration of the trek. Participants must be 16+ and 16-18 years must be accompanied by an adult. Friends and family of trekkers are welcome to join us at the Trek House for Coffee cart  / all day BBQ courtesy of The Gap Lions Club.

In case you can’t find enough people for your team or have last minute drop-outs due to illness or injury, please complete your walk. We appreciate your best efforts to reach 100km per team. As long as each available team member walks at least one lap, and works towards the team fundraising goal, we will consider your team challenge – successful. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
To request a custom challenge length, please email
If you dont have enough people to form a team, see below about Lone Rangers Team

The Lone Rangers team is now open for any individuals or small groups of friends/family who dont have enough team members to create a whole team.  We are seeking Lone Rangers to join this team. You can walk one lap of 8.5kms (easy!) or if you wish to walk more than one lap if you wish. 

Please join us to help the Lone Rangers reach the 100km team target!
View the Lone Rangers team page for more info.

To join the Lone Rangers please register for Trek4Life here, after you register you will land on your fundraising page: click on “Teams” and request to join “Lone Rangers”.

To request a custom challenge length, please email

Every post you share helps us to get much needed and deserved support for the mental and physical health local community members who need a helping hand, thank you!

Our facebook page @trek2healthau

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Join us for Trek4Life 100km Extreme Team Challenge, on Sunday 18th June, 2023, Enoggera Reservoir Circuit, The Gap, Brisbane. To complete this team challenge you will collect 12 flags over 12 laps to achieve a team total of 100 kilometres. Minimum of 4 and maximum of 12 people in each team. 

This is a resilience boosting challenge in support of Mental Health Awareness. Funds raised support Trek2Health's life-changing mental wellness services for our local frontline workers and veterans.

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On Sunday Sunday 18th June, 2023 I am walking in Trek4Life 100km Extreme Team Challenge in support of Mental Health Awareness. All funds raised support stigma-free mental wellness for our local frontline workers and veterans via Trek2Health.
Please sponsor me and let's show our support for those who work on the frontlines supporting us everyday. Together we can create a fairer and more resilient community for us all.

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We’ll be in touch from time-to-time via email with updates on this event. If you haven’t reached your fundraising goal closer to trek day, we’ll reach out to see what we can do to help – we are a team! Important event info will also be sent via email and SMS reminder to your mobile a few days before the event day – weather forecast, what to bring, how to prepare for the trek.

Thanks again for supporting Trek2Health with your footsteps – you’re awesome!

Our new system uses verification codes for security (no password needed).

To register simply input your email or phone on the registration page, get the code from your phone/email right away then fill out the registration form.

Please use a unique email and phone for each person in your team who registers.

Your fundraising page will be ready immediately and we recommend updating your profile pic and text right away. You will remain logged in on this device, until you click “logout”.

If you need to login again to finish updating your pic or story, go to your fundraising page OR the Leaderboard  click “login” (in top right) and get the verification code sent to your mobile or email. You must use the same mobile or email you used to register. 

Registrations close when all places are filled or on Friday 16 June. Please register ASAP and start training!

After registration you can join a team or start a team. Please only join a team if you have been invited to join a team. 

After registration, on your fundraising page, click the button “Teams” then select the team you wish to join or you can start your own team.

Team Captains: you will get an SMS message and an email when someone requests to join your team.
To approve the new member: go to your team page (if you have logged out in your browser, click “login” then grab a new verification code sent to the phone or email that you registered with)
now click on Team then click “Accept” to approve the request.

If you need assistance, just email and we can add you to the right team.

On your fundraising page while logged in:

  • To update your display name, goal amount or profile pic click “Edit Profile”, make changes, then click “Save”
  • To update your personal story click “My Story”, make changes, then click “Save” and you can add a photo to your story if you wish
  • To join or create a team, click “Teams“. Only join a Team if you have been invited please.

If you need assistance, email
Send us the changes and we can update your page for you.

We will email your fundraising page URL to you, after you register. We will also send you a welcome SMS message with your fundraising page URL.

You can also find it on your fundraising page, click “Share” to copy your link, then paste it to share with your supporters. 

You can also> going to the Leaderboard and search for your name to open your fundraising page, then click “Share”. 

Note: please do not bring cash donations on trek day, please ask your supporters to donate to your online fundraising page. Contact us if you need any help ->


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Team Relay - 17/50/100km
Date and time
6am–6:00pm Sun 8th September 2024
Enoggera Reservoir, The Gap, Brisbane

Team Orientated Wilderness Trek

Choose the distance for your team - 100KM / 50KM / 17KM​

All trekkers must create a team or join a team. Invite your friends, family, workplace or community group to join you for an unforgettable wilderness adventure! All team members must register online before trek day. 


** 8.5km circuit of Enoggera Reservoir – average walking time per circuit 2 hours **


Join us for TREK4LIFE, an exciting team event to support Trek2Health’s mission to improve mental health for our frontline personnel. With a $60.00 entry fee, participants can also purchase a T-shirt for $60.00 and aim to raise $400.00 to receive the Official T2H jacket. The highest fundraising captain will be awarded framed photo by award winning photographer Colin Bushell. The event offers three distances: 17.0 KM, 50 KM, and 100 KM options, all on an 8.5 km reservoir loop circuit. Teams can consist of 2 to 12 people, with the first lap starting at 06:00 and the last lap commencing by 14:00, with each lap taking approximately 2 hours to complete.

For the 17 KM distance, a team of 2 people will each complete 1 lap. For the 50 KM distance, options include a team of 2 people doing 3 laps each or a team of 6 people doing 1 lap each. For the 100 KM distance, a team of 3 people will each do 4 laps, or a team of 6 people will each do 2 laps. These configurations ensure participants can plan their treks effectively while supporting a great cause.

TREK4LIFE 2024 is a community fundraising event with an entry fee of $60. When you register your fundraising page will be automatically generated – this makes asking for and receiving donations easy. There are great rewards available for top fundraisers. And feel free to give Trek2Health an email at to discuss your fundraising ideas.

Funds raised support Trek2Health’s services for local frontline workers and veterans. Our innovative approach is based on the proven benefits of ‘Green Exercise’ to reduce stress and improve mental health. Click here to learn more about our services and the science behind Green Exercise. Join Trek4Life Extreme Team Challenge to experience the benefits of Green Exercise for yourself.

Trek4Life Promo pics, help us spread the word. Right-click > open in new tab then right-click > save image.

Your Commitment

I understand that I will be fully prepared physically and have the appropriate personal gear and rations to complete my lap/s in this Team Trek.

I understand that my ticket price is complimentary with the expectation that each Team will fundraise a minimum of $1000 (combined total for all team members).

Immediately after registration, you’ll receive an online fundraising page to collect donations from your supporters. Or fundraise your own way – hold a BBQ, or bake cookies. Contact us if you need assistance with your fundraising idea.

Fundraiser Rewards

Three prizes for the top teams (to be announced), plus team target prizes:

  • Team total $2000 – each team member receives a trek shirt
  • Team total $3000 – each team member receives a trek jacket.
  • Team total $4000 – each member receives a trek jacket, trek cap, trek shirt

Trek2Health is hosting this fundraising trek event as it important to support those who have sacrificed their physical and mental well-being for a safer community. Funds raised allow Trek2Health to provide mental wellness services to First Responders and Emergency Services personal such as firefighters, EMTs, veterans and police officers in our communities. Learn more about our services.