Through our innovative module-based support program and its associated services, we are providing professional integrated support to assist First Responders to Emergency Services personal who may have experienced a traumatic event, be suffering from PTSD, be struggling to re-enter the community or require professional services for any reason.


Physical Rehabilitation and Wellbeing Services

Individual and group physical rehabilitation and weekly training programs to prepare for the treks. Experienced medics, personal trainers and are there to help you along the way


Module-Based Rehabilitation Trek Program

Rehabilitation through a module-based adventure trek program. The goal-orientated, progressive program provides a framework of support and a core community of like-minded individuals as a support system built on a foundation of goal-orientated achievements. The program promotes physical health and wellbeing, reduces stress, improves resilience, and builds support networks.


Referral System

Early identification and intervention are encouraged through a referral system, where participants are rewarded for referring other members of the ADF or First Responders community to the program.


Pre and Post Trek Evaluations

By connecting with psychologists and research-based facilities, we are able to offer pre and post evaluations to our participants to assist in their progress and help us better develop the program and modules for the future.


Social Connection

Regular peer-to-peer support through regular-touch training, social and recreational activities, and volunteer opportunities. It develops positive habits and encourages regular movement, doing wonders for social well-being and a sense of connectedness to our community.  



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